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Agelong Tree

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  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
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3.1.1 02/01/08
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Agelong Tree is fully compatible with:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
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Build your family tree from scratch

Nick Mead

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Recent changes

  • The program is started and data tables are loaded faster now
  • Some interface elements are now displayed correctly under Windows Vista
  • It is possible to mark stress now when you entering text (the Ctrl+I key combination). The correctness of the stress mark depends on the selected interface font.
  • Fixed: Collapsed branches are now correctly restored while you refresh the built tree
  • Fixed: If a person had no main photo, it appeared after you added any photo document to the person
  • Now when you save a file under another name, the old folder with documents is deleted before the new one is created
  • During export into xml, the full birth and death places of a person are saved
  • When you create a daughter, only the maiden name is specified now while the main name remains empty
  • Now it is possible to sort by the source name on the "Sources" tab in the window where you edit a person, event, document
  • Lots of filtering options
  • Ability to add multimedia content
  • No internet connection needed
  • Adding information is time consuming
  • Tree can only extend as far as your knowledge does

A lot of people are interested in the history of their family. They make inquiries about their ancestors; many of them would like to know better the relations in their families and to engage their relatives in the process.

Agelong Tree is a computer program intended for building family trees, storing and displaying information about people and key events in their lives. The program automatically builds a family tree for any person, has a mechanism of events allowing the user to make complex biographies, stores texts, photos, sounds and videos, searches, sorts and filters data and shows statistics.

A fun and interesting way to explore your roots!

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